The BGGR Real American Jam strives to celebrate our way of life while giving back. Through the weekend we

remember the things we hold dear – our friends, our families, and the amazing life we experience under these wide open skies. We also remember and salute the people who have contributed to this way of life through their service in the armed forces. The BGGR Real American Jam is a weekend long concert event to tip our collective hats and extend a big thank you.

This year the proceeds from Real American Jam go to the Real American Heroes of North Dakota a 501C3

The Real American Heroes of North Dakota a 501C3 public charity that assists military veterans and their families, primarily with homelessness, but also with food, clothing, household items, counseling referrals, educational & job opportunities, and unexpected expenses.

This year during our BGGR Real American Jam we honor local North Dakota veterans who were wounded in service. Chosen veterans will be honored through a check directly to them from the Real American Heroes of North Dakota a 501C3.

More information about Real American Heroes of North Dakota a 501C3can be found at




The following tickets are available for the festival weekend.


Weekend Music Pass:$75
A weekend pass to The 2017 Real American Jam Music Festival. Base ticket price $70 | 5% ND Sales tax $3.50 | Processing fee $5.04

Day Music Pass: – $45
A 1 day pass to either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday of The 2016 Real American Jam Music Festival. Base ticket price $40 | 5% ND Sales tax $2.00 | Processing fee $3.30


Weekend General Camping Vehicle and/or RV Permit:  Purchased upon arrival from main check-in area. – $10 per tent / per day

Full Hook-up RV Camping: access to 1 of 50 available full-hookup camping.  First come first serve.  Reservations can be made by calling the ranch.  – $100 per spot per weekend



Buffalo Gap Guest Ranch

Owners: Olie, Cele, and Mark Golberg

Call: 701-623-4200
Fax: 701-623-4202

Write: Buffalo Gap Guest Ranch
P O Box 373
Medora, ND 58645

Fallen Soldiers of North Dakota

20 S West Street
Sentinel Butte, ND 58621
Esther Myers, Acting Secretary

Cell 312-520-1090

The Guardian Foundation

Phone: 208-449-1210


2600 E Seltice Way Ste F
Post Falls, ID  83854


Vehicle Permits Campers must purchase a vehicle pass to stay in the campground.  Vehicle camping permits are $50 per vehicle per weekend and must be purchased upon arrival at the main Check-In area.

Arrival Campers may arrive anytime after noon on Thursday.

Fires / Campfires are not allowed during the festival weekend.  However, on Friday and Saturday night a community bonfire will be held near the BGGR ranch.

Reserving Campsites: With over 300 acres of camping there is tent camping available for everyone.  Spots are drive-in and choose your own on a first come first serve basis.  Campers may “hold” nearby spots for friends or family members.

Packing?  Pack as you would for any weekend camping outing.  Bring shelter, clothing, and food.  Grilling with standard campsite propane grills is permitted.  Coolers are permitted in the camping area, but we ask that they not be brought into the concert seating area by the bandstand.  It’s a good idea to bring sunscreen, bug repellent, comfortable walking shoes, photo Identification, sunglasses, a blanket, and camp chairs.  Remember, weather in North Dakota can be unpredictable and change rapidly.  It’s best to be prepared.  That said, August is generally a beautiful time of the year here in western North Dakota.

Bathrooms  Portable toilets will be provided in the campground.

Showers The Lodge has a free shower house on premise which will be available to the public.


Self Contained RV Camping:  RV’s are allowed in the general camping area.  Spots are choose-your-own on a first come first serve basis.  There are no hook-ups in the general camping area.

Full Hook-Up RV Camping: there are a limited number of full hook-up RV spots available for the weekend.  Please call the ranch at 701623-4200 for more information or to make a reservation.


Pets are allowed in the camping facilities, but not inside of the music venue.  All pets must be kept on a leash at all times.  Owners are responsible for their own pets.


Cell Phone: Cell phone coverage on the ranch cannot be relied on.  Reception can be spotty or unavailable.  That said, many people are able to make and recieve calls at the ranch depending on their cell provider.

Internet Service:  There is a guest internet account established at the ranch which is accessible at the BGGR office/lodge building but not in the camping areas.  Service speed will vary depending on traffic.


For detailed schedule information click here.


The following items are prohibited from any Festival grounds:

Weapons, knives, or firearms of any kind.

Illegal Substances of any kind.


Laser Pointers



Drinking water is available at the ranch.

Food concessions will be operating during concert times throughout the weekend offering burgers, brisket, steaks, and hamburgers.

The Buffalo Gap Steak House will also be operating during the weekend offering hearty and delicious homestyle food.

Of course, camping guests are allowed to bring their own food choices with them to the festival.


Alcohol is allowed in the campgrounds.  People may not bring their own alchohol into the music venue.  Vendors will be providing an array of beer and mixed drinks for your enjoyment.

Drinking Age is 21 Guest 21 or older, with an authorized wristband, may enjoy alchohol over the weekend.  Anyone found drinking underage or without a wristband will be dealt with according to state law.

Enjoy in Moderation  Guests are required to act responsibly during the festival.  Overindulgence in alchohol can lead to impaired judgement.  Overindulgence will not be tolerated at the festival.  Guards will be on duty for your safety over the weekend.  Remember to have fun, but be safe doing so.


It takes a lot of love to throw the Real American jam.  Volunteer opportunities are bountiful and we are always looking for eager help.  Have fun, attend the event for free, and support a good cause.

For more information email our volunteer coordinator at


The festival will be held regardless of weather conditions.   We have plans to accommodate rain/adverse weather locations and if warranted performance schedules may need to be adjusted to fit the weather, however we will resume as soon as safe.


Showers:  There is a public shower house on the ranch facilities which is free to public use.  Depending on the volume of people showering, there may be extended wait times.

Bathrooms:  The general camping area will feature portable toilet facilities.


Please see the Location page for more information.


There will be an ATM (Automated Teller Machine) available on the festival grounds.

Ticket Prices

Day Pass - $45 A 1 day pass to either Friday or Saturday of The 2017 Real American Jam Music Festival.
Base ticket price $45 | 5% ND Sales tax $2.00 | Processing fee $3.30
Weekend Pass - $75 A weekend pass to The 2017 Real American Jam Music Festival.
Base ticket price $75 | 5% ND Sales tax $3.50 | Processing fee $5.04

The Music Event of the Summer Begins in: